About Us

Art Metal Products Co.,Ltd was established in 1999 and is a private manufacturing company with total area of 12000 square meters. We offer wide range of sheet metal deep drawn parts,  stamping parts, welded assemblies, semi-finished and finished product autoclave tank, IBC container, toilet. We continue to be a leading supplier in this field.

Art Metal Products Co.,Ltd is equipped with full set of hydraulic machines, shearing machines, mechanical presses, TIG, MIG, spot welding machines, CNC lathe and necessary testing  equipment  to provide you the most satisfactory products. Our special skills, talents, knowledge, and enthusiasm for sheet metal forming help you all the way through the cooperation with us.

Art Metal Products Co.,Ltd is located in Fenghua district, Ningbo, about 20kms from Ningbo Airport and 40kms from downtown of Ningbo. Your visit at any time is welcome.

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